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Articles from Home - Barbecues & Grilling Headlines

This is a caprese lovers treat. Marinated with basil and lemon, the chicken is taken to the grill, then topped with fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, and a balsamic reduction. A healthy and delicious meal for any day of the week.

Big and shiny, the Broil King Baron 5-Burner has a lot of space and a lot of knobs. The first question to ask is, too big?

Napoleon's version of the small patio grill. This two burner grill is unique with a side burner mounted into a fold down side table.

Smallest and least expensive of Weber's full sized grills, this Home Depot exclusive version comes with the Gourmet BBQ System of accessories.

Recently a major grill maker told me that the future was in accessories. The Stok Quattro may just be the perfect design for this. With removable cooking grate sections you can convert to use a griddle, vegetable basket or pizza stone without turning off the grill or even stopping cooking.

Expensive cuts of meat tend to be the ones that are tender and can be cooked quickly and easily. This doesn't mean that you can't create a great meal with a cut that costs less.

Basic, straightforward, and powerful, the Broil-King Signet is one of the best grills on the market in this price range. Now available through Lowes, for a lower price, this is one of the best deals in the industry.

These grilled salmon steaks are brushed down with a soy sauce and sugar mixture, then grilled hot and fast. You will want to get them caramelized on the surface then serve them with the green ginger sauce on top.

This is a basic, relatively expensive gas grill similar in many ways to the Weber Genesis. Manufactured in Canada by Napoleon this is a high quality grill that is built to last and cook with a high, even heat.

Beyond the water, salt and sugar, a good brine should add flavor. To do this you can add pretty much anything imaginable. Want an orange flavor? Try orange peels. Want something a little more traditional? Try fresh herbs and spices. For my brine I'm using sage and oregano with black peppercorns and coriander seeds.