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It doesn't get much simpler than this. A drum smoker, sometimes called an ugly drum smoker (UDS) is a large drum with a fire in the bottom and food on the top. This simple design is perfect for chicken and even ribs, but the direct radiant heat of the fire can make it difficult on the long smokes, like brisket and pork roasts.

Basically this is a large fryer designed to hold up to a 14 pound turkey in a specially designed (turkey shaped) frying chamber.

Basically an event grill, this gas powered cooker has not lid, no indirect cooking abilities, but instead has a vast cooking area ideal for cooking 50 hamburgers at once.

Tried and tested by thousands of BBQ cooks, these are the best barbecue rub recipes I know. Get the perfect rub for ribs, brisket, pork, chicken and more!

The Black Diamond (or NBBD as it's known on the net) is a classic offset smoker. This is a great, heavy duty unit that has good airflow and is built to last for many years. This unit has become legend in the barbecue world as one of the best smokers on the market.

This flavorful brine is perfect for pork, but it also works well on poultry. It has a sweet flavor in addition to all the herbs and spices.

This wet rub is heavy on the cumin and contains liquid smoke to enhance the smokiness of your barbecue. The olive oil will help to form the spices into a thick paste, which sticks well to any meat.

Yakitori are traditional style Japanese kebabs usually served by street vendors accompanied by a nice cold beer.

All the information on all the best methods for making the perfect turkey. Grilled, smoked, fried, brined, or virtually anything else for the that all important meal.

The Weber Genesis line of grills are the best you can buy in this price range and beyond. The E-310 is the most basic version of this series.