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Articles from Home - Barbecues & Grilling Headlines

Add a Moroccan flavor to anything you grill with this great, but simple marinade. Allow meat to marinate for about 6 hours, poultry and fish should marinate for 2 hours.

You probably think you should boil lobsters. Boiling removes flavor, while grilling adds it. So, next time you want to cook up some nice whole lobsters try this grilled lobster recipe.

This delicious sandwich not only benefits from grilling the vegetables, but contains Havarti cheese and a creamy herb and garlic mayonnaise.

There are many who want to be able to smoke up their own barbecue, but may not want to deal with controlling fires, or regulating temperatures. The Smokin' Tex, like most electric smokers, takes the guess work out of the process and lets you focus on the food, or maybe, work.

When you talk about smokers, I mean serious smokers, you're talking about David Klose. He makes the best. If you see a serious smoker at a competition he probably made it.

The Old Smokey electric smoker is basically a tin can with a heat element a drip pan and a couple of racks for the food. The simplicity of the design is what makes this a great smoker.

A review of the Thermos Stainless Steel Gas Grill, made by Char-Broil and sold through Target Stores, that has been discontinued.

Another of the simple, lightweight 3-burner grills on the market these days. This one, from Lowe's runs around $170USD and comes with a side burner. Of course it is not made from the best of materials so it won't last very long, but it should make it through a few summers.

Beer can chicken is a classic dish that is easy to make on the grill. Follow this step-by-step recipe for delicious grilled beer can chicken.

This is a heavy grill with heavy cast iron and stainless steel body parts. The 54,000 BTU output from four stainless steel burners is more than enough to heat the nearly 524 square inches of primary grilling area.