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Articles from Home - Barbecues & Grilling Headlines

The Napoleon Apollo 3 in 1 takes the simple, vertical water smoker to a whole new level. This modular unit can be a grill or a smoker.

For those who want a custom outdoor kitchen or just a simple grill island, these high quality gas grill inserts won't break the budget but will deliver great grilling.

The top 10 gas grills between the price of $2,000 and $4,000 on the market. If you are looking to purchase a new grill in this price range then these are the ones you should be looking at.

Brining Poultry is a great way to add moisture to chicken or turkeys before you cook them. Most people know this but many people are surprised when I tell them

If you love spicy food, you'll love this Asian style flank steak. If you're not too keen on the spice, you can always omit the red pepper flakes and reduce the amount of chili oil the recipe calls for.

The real secret of making these beef ribs great is to baste them frequently, particularly towards the end of their cooking time.

These chicken wings take the classic appetizer to a new level with a marinade that keeps them moist and tender.

This is a simple and delicious Japanese inspired salmon recipe. It can be served with grilled vegetables or a salad.

If you can use cola in a barbecue sauce, why not root beer? This sauce works fantastic on poultry or pork and adds a sweet and mildly spicy flavor.

The spiciness of these pork chops are entirely up to you.  Adjust the ingredients to cater to your taste