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Articles from Home - Barbecues & Grilling Headlines

For many the big Christmas meal is one of the biggest of the year. These traditions may go back decades or more, but there is always room for new ideas, new recipes, and new methods.

This, greatest of roasts is easy to cook and makes for the best meal you can find. Keep the seasonings simple and a close eye on the temperature and it will turn out perfect every time.

This prime rib is delicious and tender. It's a little time consuming, but well worth the wait.

This is a grill so complicated and loaded with features that it is almost too hard to describe. On one side you get a standard 40,000 BTU grill and on the other a rather strange multi-function unit.

This is a great spice rub for a standing rib roast. The combination of the pepper and cinnamon gives this an almost sweet, yet spicy flavor.

This is a great way to grill a spiral cut ham that won't dry it out and doesn't take up space in your oven.

This is a great rub to put on prime rib. The combination of seasonings the olive oil make a good slow roasted rib roast perfect. Whether you are roasting, grilling or smoking this is a great rub.

These racks of lamb are coated in a herb and shallot flavored, mustard marinade then seared on the grill.

Few things are better than a good Prime Rib. This standing rib roast is smoked for several hours and has the great flavor of the prime rib mixed with a mellow smokiness.

This brine will give your turkey a subtle sweetness and all the tenderness and moisture of a good poultry brine.